Urvanity is a platform based in Madrid that seeks to promote the artistic values


Urvanity celebrates its 1st edition

...that make up today´s new pop culture. Urvanity endorses this New Contemporary Art Movement that has grown exponentially in the last twenty years due to its constant presence in galleries and public spaces, in recognition of a growing passion among the general public, various circles of the art community and the media. Coincidentally, many of the creators of this new art form began painting on the street and formed their careers almost by chance, motivated by their instinct and the idea of gaining recognition, or . Due to a change in attitude and a focus towards developing their careers that finds them producing both in the studio and in public spaces, more and more of these artists are evolving and are able to position their work within the Contemporary Art World. Urvanity´s goal is to promote this movement to the general public and art collectors alike, and so help to foster the attention that it deserves.


And what better way to achieve this than by joining these artists, galleries and exhibition spaces at the first International New Contemporary Art Fair in Spain, based in Madrid? 



Urvanity will run for 4 days coinciding with Madrid Art Week 2017 at the Neptuno Palace. It will serve as a meeting point where both expert and amateur art collectors can admire and purchase a carefully curated selection of New Contemporary Art. Unlike the renowned ARCO Contemporary Art Fair and the satellite fairs during the Week, Urvanity offers a different kind of artistic content and something unprecedented: a New Contemporary Art that is already established on an international level, with totally new proposals that have never been shown under the same roof at other fairs or events in Madrid.


Franco Fasoli, www.streetartnews.net

Honet, www.tourisme-marseille.com



International New Contemporary Art Fair

February 2018