The First “Urvanity Kids” Project: Painting a Mural at Loreto School with Antonyo Marest.



In June 2016 we made our first workshop with second grade students at Loreto School in Madrid. Artist Antonyo Marest instructed the children in techniques that they normally would not have access to at school, and in the end more than 90 children painted and participated! Urvanity wants to collaborate and foment art for children and what better way than for them to experiment at their own school. We hope this will be the first of many.

Almost more than 90 children Antonyo Marest could enjoy a very special day where the aim was to bring m to the smallest knowledge and skills CURRENTLY Artistic -represented in schools. With this type of workshops Urvanity wants to collaborate and promote art and what better way than having experience Themselves with the artists in their own school , creating a work of collaborative -form on the walls of the facility. A hopefully be the first of many.


Antonyo Marest (Alicante, 1987) is an all terrain artist and designer and who admires architecture, vivid colors, and organic materials. He has shown his work and painted in public spaces in Paris, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Madrid and New York. Aside from his many passions that range from graphic to interior design, he has imparted several collaborative works and workshops with kids. 

Antonyo Marest



International New Contemporary Art Fair

February 2018