The Spanish Association of Fundraising (AEFr) in collaboration with Urvanity will perform a charity auction of the works generated in its project SOMOS with works by the artists: Belin, Suso33, Fratelli Moca and Musa.

LaSede COAM’s Assembly Hall

Tuesday, February 27 at 11.00 am

With the fundamental objective of promoting a culture of solidarity and thanking partners and donors in Spain for their economic collaboration with non-profit entities, the SOMOS campaign was created, celebrating Donor’s Day and wanting to build a project that reflected the commitment of the partners with the causes for which the NGOs fight and work. In 2014, in the celebration of SOMOS, a collaboration was made with 5 of the main urban artists of our country, who wanted to collaborate in the campaign by showing their particular and original vision of hunger, poverty, childhood, education, emergencies, health and research, disability and social exclusion. Four years after the end of the SOMOS campaign, the solidarity murals created for the initiative, continue to fulfill their objective of encouraging the creation of a culture of solidarity in our country, these works will be shown during Urvanity-Art from February 21-25 in the Assembly Hall of LaSede COAM.

SUSO33 – Social Exclusion

SUSO33, Madrid, is a precursor of iconographic graffiti and experimentation with language in this discipline, as well as a pioneer of Post-Graffiti, Street-Art and Urban-ARt and a major exponent of live painting in Spain. Plastic artist, set designer, muralist, video artist and performer, his work is controversial, since it moves between the alegality of his urban interventions and the relative formality of his Performances and actions. It claims the public space as the main space of artistic life and essential support for communication between the artist and his audience. His work moves away from the stereotypes and formalisms of academic art and street art and focuses on communicating with the audience with a language that is at the same time gimmicky, recognizable and direct but deeply intimate and poetic that has aroused the attention of the audience, public and the media. Since the beginning of his first interventions in the public space in 1984, he has developed an intense personal artistic activity that has led him to perform more than 70 solo and group exhibitions, to perform more than 40 performances, and to collaborate with artistic companies and directors of scene of renowned recognition and intervening in more than 50 cities in Europe, America and Asia, such as London, New York or Shanghai. The work of SUSO33 is part of the collections of museums and public and private collections, and has been recognized on numerous occasions in competitions. A long, constant and solid trajectory with a firm projection, despite its almost four decades of existence, which has not prevented it from continuing faithful to itself using the public space autonomously and independently.

Belin – Chilhood

Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, better known as Belin from the City of Linares, is a self-taught artist. From an early age he had the initiative to stay creative at all times and in all aspects, step by step he gave free rein to the inventiveness that lays in his mind. His beginnings as an urban artist with ambitions,fight after fight based on color and imagination without realizing that one day would leave a mark that will plague the streets. Belin obtained his, he has obtained prizes and recognitions for his merits. At the present, this artist already has a broad curriculum, recognized worldwide for his hyper-realistic spray technique, without the need to use grids, projectors or templates. The perfection of a technique that would give him the recognition he now enjoys, reveals without a doubt the practice and perseverance of an artist dedicated to his art and vision. His sculptural and pictorial pieces have been exhibited throughout Spain and more than half the world, in museums, galleries and walls.

Musa – Health and investigation

María / Musa71, (Barcelona) self-taught artist, she has been painting, working and traveling for more than 30 years, creating her name. Her passion, the letters, makes her language develop in graffiti, where letters can mix and twist without losing the sense, combining the colors creating a great impact. Represents different groups of graffiti, where there is a wide range of ideas and ways to understand the street and art. Member of groups such as TFP and TDS, two legendary groups that started in the US, spread all over the world. Black Magic, graffiti veterans in Spain or Fours, a collective of friends, writers and artists from around the world.

Fratelli Moca – Hunger and poverty

Since their childhood they like to play, to create, together and separately. Blending merrily and without complexes different styles and techniques. Fleeing the merely aesthetic recreation to try to convey a series of emotions of concerns. A critical reflection, an accomplice smile celebrate life, travel. Them, and their works, have traveled and been seen in Italy, France, Guatemala and Mexico, the USA, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and several corners of Spain. They have participated and given workshops, collaborated with different media and communication agencies and continue to learn. Their works have appeared in books, movies, advertising, posters, album covers, walls and various individual and collective exhibitions.



The new contemporary art fair

It is manifest that for several decades new practices, values and codes have coexisted in the cultural landscape of our cities, occupying a place in the world of contemporary art. The issue is how to tie them together, and this cannot be achieved only by means of an urban art fair. Therefore, Urvanity has been conceived as a platform for a New Contemporary Art.

To speak of new art is to catalyze a contemporary project with a historical perspective because “all that is not tradition is plagiarism.” Notably, Urvanity advocates proposals (with a strong base in the urban context of the 1970 ́s up until today) that construct a dialogue with modernity, and, as a result, provide a setting from which we can explain the world around us. It is important not only to consider the work itself but to understand the public space where this very work is composed and that it at the least convey an aesthetic experience.

Urvanity seeks to explore and thus imagine possible future scenarios for this New Contemporary Art, thanks in part to alliances with other initiatives and promoters of culture in our city. To support the creation and spreading of ideas, as well as facilitate access to these practices of contemporary creation that define our vast cultural urban landscape.

Urvanity Art,

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New Contemporary Art Fair // 25-28  February 2021 // COAM 63 Hortaleza Street, Madrid (Spain)

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