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Studio Visit: Francisco Diaz aka Pastel

27 November, 2020

As a child he played in the Argentine professional soccer league but at 14 he broke his knee for the first time. By that time Francisco Díaz, known as Pastel, had already begun to paint graffiti on the streets of his native Buenos Aires and that injury, which kept him from practicing any sport for […]

Studio Visit: Gordopelota

27 October, 2020

You will know Martin Kazanietz by the name of Gordopelota (Buenos Aires, 1985) and if you still don’t know his work, it is likely that after seeing it, it will never leave your mind again. Amateur soccer, barbecue and a whole imaginary developed around the Argentine popular culture within a single work, a mixture of […]

Studio Visit: Hilda Palafox (Poni)

15 October, 2020

Hilda Palafox (Mexico City, 1982) or Poni, her alter ego and the artistic name by which she is known, decided to leave her four-year job in advertising to make the leap into editorial illustration. But the leap took her much further. Today Hilda does large scale murals, illustrations, drawings, ceramics, paintings on textiles and in […]

Studio Visit: Fidia Falaschetti

28 September, 2020

Named after Phidia, one of the most important Greek sculptors and painters, Fidia Falaschetti (Civitanova, Italy, 1977) grew up in a very creative and artistic family on the Italian east coast. On his early years he was inspired by the street art and the hip hop scene and ended up studying Production Design. After working for […]

Studio Visit: 3ttman (Louis Lambert)

14 September, 2020

Louis Lambert (Lille, 1978) aka 3ttman or “Trois Tête Man” from the French “man with three heads” was born in the French city of Lille, but has been living and having his studio in Tenerife for a few years now. Since he was a child he has been passionate about painting, however the street and its idiosyncrasy […]

Studio Visit: Doma Collective (Julian Chu)

30 July, 2020

  DOMA Collective burst onto the urban art scene in Buenos Aires in 1998 with its stencils, installations and guerrilla campaigns with a touch of irony and absurdity. Mariano Barbieri, Julian Manzelli, Matías Vigliano and Orilo Blandini were the members who gave shape to this reactionary artistic proposal, loaded with political content where they tackled […]

Studio Visit: 2501

9 July, 2020

Jacopo Ceccarelli (Milan, 1981), better known as 2501 is an Italian multidisciplinary artist born in Milan. He pursued film and cinema studies and very early he started experimenting with lines, shapes and motion in different media such as painting, installations, sculpture, photography and film. In his twenties he moved to Sao Paolo in Brazil, where […]

Studio Visit: Add Fuel

15 June, 2020

In our fourth Urvanity Meets session we connect with the Portuguese artist and illustrator Diogo Machado, better known as Add Fuel (Cascais, 1980), to get into his studio located in Cascais. After graduating in graphic design and working for several years in design studios between Germany and Portugal, in 2007 Add Fuel decided to dedicate […]

Studio Visit: Jan Kaláb

4 June, 2020

Jan Kaláb (Prague, 1978) belongs to the oldest active generation of graffiti writers in the Czech Republic. Maybe you know him as Cakes, the alias under which he became one of the pioneers of the graffiti scene in his hometown, Prague with the DSK crew. In the year 2000 he traveled to New York were […]

Studio Visit: Alexis Diaz

18 May, 2020

We get on a live video conference Madrid – Miami connection. On the other side of the line is Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico, 1982) in his studio located in the Wynwood area, known for being one of the neighborhoods with more street art pieces per square feet. The visual artist and muralist, known for his […]



The new contemporary art fair

It is manifest that for several decades new practices, values and codes have coexisted in the cultural landscape of our cities, occupying a place in the world of contemporary art. The issue is how to tie them together, and this cannot be achieved only by means of an urban art fair. Therefore, Urvanity has been conceived as a platform for a New Contemporary Art.

To speak of new art is to catalyze a contemporary project with a historical perspective because “all that is not tradition is plagiarism.” Notably, Urvanity advocates proposals (with a strong base in the urban context of the 1970 ́s up until today) that construct a dialogue with modernity, and, as a result, provide a setting from which we can explain the world around us. It is important not only to consider the work itself but to understand the public space where this very work is composed and that it at the least convey an aesthetic experience.

Urvanity seeks to explore and thus imagine possible future scenarios for this New Contemporary Art, thanks in part to alliances with other initiatives and promoters of culture in our city. To support the creation and spreading of ideas, as well as facilitate access to these practices of contemporary creation that define our vast cultural urban landscape.

Urvanity Art,

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New Contemporary Art Fair // 25-28  February 2021 // COAM 63 Hortaleza Street, Madrid (Spain)

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Studio Visit: Francisco Diaz aka Pastel
Studio Visit

Studio Visit: Francisco Diaz aka Pastel

As a child he played in the Argentine professional soccer league but at 14 he broke his knee for the first time. By that time...

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