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Filippo Minelli: A photographic journal of a pursued isolation

April 13, 2020
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Last winter, Filippo Minelli (Italy, 1983) traveled to Portugal to go find his personal and self-imposed retreat. In an industrial area somewhere in between the Spanish and Portuguese border, the artist has pinpointed his quiet spot for work and living. «I’m actually on the Portuguese side, I’m in the middle of el Alentejo and I have to go up a the hill to get to the closest town. Almost anyone knows about this place», says Filippo in a funny Italian accented ‘portuñol’. «I love the border areas and I also was looking to work in a place where I could be surrounded by nature. Here there’s only fields around me, it’s kind of a silly place in the middle of nowhere, really there’s nothing here!», he laughs. His camera, his tools and Chooti, his dog, have moved with him to this warehouse now transformed into his hideout for introspection, disconnection from the world and new work space.

But it is through his artistic labor that Minelli finds disruption. His work revolves around the landscape investigation through social and political conflict and it’s the contemporary identity and the public sphere the main sources of his work, that he translates through photography, paintings or sculptures with a great poetic content.

From his personal confinement space and shaped as a photo journal, Filippo shares with us a piece of his intimacy caught through the lens of his camera.

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During November 2019, Filippo Minelli visited Madrid for the last series of the photographic project that he started more than ten years ago, ‘Silence / Shapes’, in the construction area of Caleido, the latest Real Estate urban project next to the four towers. Check out the video of this last work with his interview and learn more about the project here.