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Margaux Henry-Thieullent

(Biarritz, 1988)

Margaux Henry-Thieullent (Biarritz, 1988) is a French multidisciplinary artist. Her hybrid practice is  a permanent dialogue between videos, painting, digital drawing and installation. Questioning the  construction of our collective memory, it offers a reading of contemporary society in the form of  thematic layers. She then imagines new stories testifying to the assimilation of multiple  information at the same time societal, political, scientific and even biographical. 

Margaux Henry-Thieullent graduated in Architecture from Paris Malaquais School in 2019, then  she decided to focus on her artistic practice. The same year, she showed her drawing work for the  first time during the DDESSIN event in Paris. Since then she has exhibited her video work at the  Gallery Suzanne Tarasieve in Paris, at the Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, and during the  Vrrraiment Festival in Toulon. Her drawing and painting work has been shown at the Villa Beatrix  Enea, Contemporary Art center of Anglet, gallery 5un7 in Bordeaux, yellow cube gallery In Paris  and LT gallery in Beirut. Her first solo show will take place in the Cité des Arts of Bayonne in  October 2022.


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Margaux Henry-Thieullent

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