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Marín Guevara

(Murcia, 1979)

Marín Guevara is an artist who lives and works in Murcia (Spain), with training in Fine Arts, Art History and Psychology. He has worked in different artistic disciplines starting in graffiti and other urban interventions in the nineties, although he finally opted for painting, sculpture and installations, proposing the occupation of the exhibition space with an intention integrative of the various languages with which he works.

Cycles and repetitions of elements abound in his discourse, predominantly autobiographical or social critical themes through pagan and popular iconography. In all of his artworks underlie the experimental search for an industrial plastic aesthetic, standing out the finishes in cement, polyester resin, pigmented silicones and varnishes, among many others. His work has been exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions in various European cities, such as Berlin, Stockholm, Porto and Brussels. It should also be noted its curatorial work in projects with Spanish and Latin American artists.