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Mina K.


Mina K (Marina Alonso, Santander 1992) began her fine arts studies in Salamanca and continued with a master’s degree in illustration and design at the Roberto Orallo School of art in Puente San Miguel. Currently, she resides and works in Santander, where she constantly develops her education through activities related to investigation, development, and artistic production, as well as the daily digital and physical work at the workshop and as coordinator of the multispacer ‘Inder’. 

Mina restores waste and error to reset the rhythm of her line of production. It is a broken aesthetic which takes its shape and meaning from dead materials like scraps from a failed drawing, worn down felt pens or broken pencils, and it is in the use of all these elements that lead to a conceptual charge based on error and ugliness.  

In turn, the set of these are erected in a series of spellings that give a second chance to all those elements banished from the purest orthodoxy. Not as a return to it, but precisely the opposite: to learn how to survive taking a new form, using collage and drawing as a vehicle throughout this process of mutation and transcription.



Galería Yusto/Giner

Mina K.


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