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O.Two ʹ real name James Carey ʹ born in 1979, lives and works in London. A member of Wizard Kings artist collective, Carey takes his graffiti heritage as a starting point of progressive explorations. Teenage delinquency is transformed and refined into a Post Graffiti texture of abstract gestures, but never disclaimed.

The paintings depart from the concrete material qualities of the offenders' favourite
tools ʹ spray paint and industrial enamel. Speckles and scratches, blotted and blurred, O.Two offers a spiritual passageway between the dirty tunnels of Subway Art and Art Informel.

Working initially with spray-paint on large scale murals, he has built a working process that when applied to canvas, lures the viewer into mists of dark, ambient colour illuminated by bold, abstract gestures. The works are intricate, refined adaptations of a distant teenage delinquency. They offer glimpses of a guilty rhythm, hooded themes and vieled motives. As member of the Wizard Kings he participated at the W / K show curated by sheOne 2016 at Fousion Gallery Barcelona and has been presented at international fairs as Blooom Art Show / Art Fair Cologne.