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Knitted woollen socks with shoe inserts (price per unit

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The first longstocking was created for a solo exhibition Corcordia Hengelo (NL) in 2011: “Hendrika”, a pair of knitted clogs connected by knitted tights. This triggered many feelings from the visitors to the exhibition. That made me fantasize about a whole series of these "longstockings", each with its own character and story. My thoughts turned to a "kinky" variant on high heels and fishnet stockings, a Ko-de-ranger variant with huge wellington boots. Or did my imagination go too far?

At that time I was asked for an exhibition in the RABOtheater in Hengelo (NL). What could be better than these characters in a theater? So I started knitting, for almost a year and half. One character after another emerged: Marie-Antoinette, Seyx Sadie, Pink little Lucy, Three Legged Sally, and many, many others.

They all had something humorous about them, those absurdly long stretched legs, for example. But at the same time they were terribly tragic. And that combination made it very interesting for me. Thát interesting that I wanted to make the stories that developed in my fantasy visible to others. And that is why I asked colleague / photographer Jan Beerling to start a project together to photograph these longstockings worn by people of flesh and blood. A co-production was started! Models were searched, a make-up artist was added, scetches were made. And there were photo sessions, mány photo sessions. And an unconventional photo series was created: an indeterminate world of characters, sometimes extravagant, sometimes very quiet and subdued, who each tell their own story but also leave room for the viewer's experience.

A beautiful book has been made of the entire series: LONGSTOCKINGS.


Nanon Morsink

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