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MAY 27th - 30th 2021

Talent is unique and special; we all have talent that comes naturally and nature merges with the urban environment in “Naturally Urban” (where you can share it).


Organics by Red Bull presents, as part of the special program of the fifth edition of Urvanity, the best refreshing and natural option to mix as you like; sharing the unique and special talent we all have in a rural environment that materializes in this installation by the artist Juan Díaz-Faes. An unexpected experience in the heart of Madrid.  


This installation is conceived as a bucolic journey where nature and talent flourish in harmony. The bales brought from the artist’s homeland are a green focus that sprouts through the most powerful and emotional universal language: art. A rural art intervention in an urban space that transports us to a world directly related to sustainability, nature, and its essence.


In addition, art, nature and urban will meet on the rooftop of the Hyatt Centric Gran Via in Madrid.  Orquídea Drácula’s secret floral laboratory will bring out the organic universe of Red Bull with an intervention in the space during the after party on the 27th may. Mixology in its natural state in the middle of Madrid's broadway street.



About Juan Díaz - Faes

“I try to create things that make people happy” – Juan Díaz - Faes.


Born in Oviedo, in the north of Spain, Juan Díaz-Faes presents his artistic production with an unpretentious look towards artistic creation and a fun visual language, giving life to friendly characters thanks to geometric shapes, lines and bustling patterns. He is in constant search of integrating colour in his work, without modifying the leading role of black.

With the support of the Colección SOLO, Díaz - Faes explores his trademark patterns in new formats and artistic media such as sculpture, jewellery design or artificial intelligence.



About Orquídea Drácula

Inspired by The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) and the tropical flower that gives its name, the secret floral laboratory of Orquídea Drácula is a space for creation and experimentation where Felipe Carvallo flees from the conventional in his floral creations. Living plants and flowers with a singular nature, are waxed and painted becoming small works of conceptual bearing the stamp of the author's cinematographic passion.

Under this influence of cinema, Felipe unites the science fiction genre with the plant world from this secret laboratory created in 2017 in the neighbourhood of Conde Duque in Madrid.

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