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MAY 28th - 30th 2021

Since the beginning of Urvanity in 2017, Mahou has been part of this project and is doing so again in this fifth edition. This year we will continue to work together in pursuit of developing cultural and artistic activations, as part of our quest to reconnect people with art and their environment.


This edition, we will once again intervene the Mahou Space which will host our Urvanity Mahou Talks, this time with the help of TAKK architects, who will create a completely immersive space tinged with red, where stands will act as an intermediary between speaker - spectator.


During these Talks, which will take place from May 28th to 30th, we will highlight the value of Urban and Contemporary Art in the art market, the evolution of its audience, the undisputed influence of digital art and the "bubble" of NFT's, we will bring together great artists to chat, we will talk about the conservation of works, graffiti, and conceptual works... In short, a series of talks with Urvanity's hallmark moderated by Arcadi Poch. Check out the schedule so you don't miss out on anything!



About the installation in the Mahou Space

"Eat me" is an artifact designed by TAKK that is articulated in three parts: a white and soft tier to listen to the conversations that will take place in Urvanity Mahou Talks, a large bench to rest and converse in small groups and a bed to disconnect on which a chandelier is placed. The installation bathes the entire space of the COAM conference room in red through its lighting. "Eat me" was the name of the cake that made Alicia in Wonderland grow so big that her head touched the ceiling.



About Takk

Takk is a space for architectural production focused on the development of material practices at the intersection between nature, culture, and politics, with a special attention to the challenges posed by the Anthropocene era. Directed by Mireia Luzárraga and Alejandro Muiño from Barcelona and Madrid, Takk combines its professional, research and academic activities.


His work belongs to the permanent collection of the FRAC Centre-Val de Loire and the Centre d'Art 2 de Mai. He has been exhibited at the Biennale de Rabat 2019, the Biennale d'Orleans 2019 and 2017, the Oslo Triennale 2016 Academy section, and the Spanish pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2014; as well as group exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan, as solo exhibitions in Vienna or Barcelona. His work has participated in international photos such as GSAPP-Columbia University in New York, Thailand Design Center in Bangkok or Floating University in Berlin among others


Authors: TAKK// Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño. 

Collaborator: Andrea Muniain, Ronte Escobar, Pau Mart.

Locksmithing: GEGO, Gerardo Gorris.



  • Friday 28th
  • Saturday 29th
  • Sunday 30th
  • COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63.


    06:15pm – 07:15pm - NFT: BUBBLE OR TOOL? // with Oscar Hormigos // General director of Onkaos

    Blockchain art and NFT technology have allowed to generate consensus and security on the certification of digital works allowing artists greater opportunities to move their work in the market. But, which part of everything that is happening is a new technological bubble and which is a new tool for digital art?

    Oscar Hormigos will share the experience with NFTs from Onkaos (a Colección SOLO project) and explore the pros and cons of using this new tool for both artists and collectors.


    19:30pm – 20:30pm - ABOUT PLAYING IN THE STREET // with Ampparito // Artist

    The adaptation of the rigid structures of the city, the game with the public space... Ampparito perceives and feels the city in a special way and transforms the daily life of the streets making its skeleton wobble towards unexpected paths. We talk with him about his latest projects.

  • COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63.


    01:00pm – 02:00pm - SURREALIST DIALOGUES IN HYPERREALIST TIMES // with Paco Pomet and Sergio Mora // Artists

    In recent times surrealism is acquiring an increasingly significant role in Contemporary Art. What visions lie behind the need for this way of looking at the world? Two essential figures of the Spanish contemporary surrealism will talk about their work and peculiar visions in an open dialogue.


    04:00pm – 05:00pm - CHORIZO & WAFFLES, A CONVERSATION BETWEEN NICOLÁS ROMERO (EVER) AND BJØRN VAN POUCKE // with Bjørn Van Poucke and Nicolás Romero (Ever) // Curator and Artist

    We sat down Argentine artist Nicolás Romero (Ever) and Belgian curator and gallerist Bjørn Van Poucke (All About Things, The Crystal Ship Festival and Ruby Gallery) to talk about Street Art, their transition to the contemporary art world and the gallery circuit, the evolution of festivals and their mutual interest in Latin American artists.


    05:30pm – 07:00pm - CONTEMPORARY AND URBAN ART. WHO CARES? // with Julia Betancor, Rita Amor, Ruth del Fresno // Curators // and Amandine Urruty, Juan Díaz-Faes, Alex Hug // Artists

    Urban art has moved from the street to private collections and domestic environments. Artists and curators of contemporary art work together with the purpose of preserving their artworks and creative intention so that they will endure over time.


    07:30pm – 08:30pm - INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MURALISM, VISIONS AND EXPERIENCES // with Inti y Franco Fasoli (Jaz) // Artists

    In this session we have two of the most relevant muralists of the international scene. Franco Fasoli AKA Jaz and Inti, from Argentina and Chile respectively, have traveled more than half the world intervening in the most important urban art festivals and events around the globe. In this two-way dialogue we will learn more about their motivations, visions and experiences in what is already considered the largest artistic movement in the history of art.

  • COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63. 


    01:00pm – 02:00pm - RE-THINKING THE PUBLIC SPACE // Mmmm… and Takk // Artistic collective and arquitects 

    Public space is traversed by a multitude of agents with sometimes conflicting interests. Through design we can mediate between the participating members of the public space and contribute to the construction of more inclusive and sustainable city models. 

    We will talk with mmmm and Takk about participatory outdoor projects where accidental pedestrians are an active part of the work. About spaces to live the city, social places to meet and talk, and explore how certain places encourage to enjoy the company of other people.



    FAME, A street art festival which took over the small Pugliese village of Grottaglie from 2008-2012. For five years internationally-renowned artists such as Blu, Conor Harrington, Erica il Cane and Vhils made the pilgrimage to this tiny southern Italian village to draw graffiti over its ancient walls. Angelo Milano was the man behind this revolution – creating a grass roots festival based upon his love of his town and disorder. Milano invited artists at his expense to stay in his home, his mum the chef and his dad the driver. Sadly the festival no longer exists but what remains is an amazing vault full of videos and memories and the faded graffiti of a legendary period.

About the Speakers

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