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UVNT x Zadig & Voltaire Fragances

FEBRUARY 24th-27th 2022

What is art´s scent? This is the question that UVNT ART FAIR and Zadig & Voltaire Fragrances pitched to the artist Didi de Diego, and that during the celebration of the fair will take shape in a live art intervention. The artist will be inspired by the rebellious spirit of the brand: "The basis of the project is the representation of the breaking of canons and boundaries, looking for the case of order, a kind of rebellion. To do this I will start from a figure of rigidity, order and obedience, so that once dismantled, we can speak of antonym", explains the Valencian artist.

About Didi de Diego

He is a self-taught young man whose artistic and plastic concerns arise at an early age. He feels passion for beauty and aesthetics, and understands very naturally the plasticity of materials, which has made his technique has developed fluently, handling different specialties. Didi's work speaks of life, energy, feelings and emotions, the metaphysical and the anti-scientific. Her experience with cancer at the age of 11 and her matriarchal upbringing were her starting point when it came to directing all her concerns towards more abstract themes. Harmony, colorimetry, symmetry and cohesion between the aforementioned aspects are key in her artistic process.

The experiment is the origin of the work.

About Zadig & Voltaire Fragrances

From Fashion to Fragances...

The encounter between the passionate founder Thierry Gillier and the international expertise of Shiseido Group, privileged partner of great names in fashion and precursor of cult perfumes. Mutual trust, the audacious spirit of a brand and a vision, that of a Parisian style and rocker signature, revolutionizing fashion. Its olfactory statement encapsulates this DNA with timeless fragrances for all genders and ages.  Free in Paris, with art as inspiration.