Urvanity-Mahou talks



Programme sponsored by Mahou


10.00h Breakfast-Roundtable: Women in the cultural industry beyond feminist clichés

We will deal with three professionals who develop their work in the circuit of art and culture, the stereotypes that, lately, prioritize gender and leave the talent and quality of initiatives in the background. And we will do it with Belén Palanco (journalist specializing in art), Consuelo Durán (Director of Durán Arte y Auctions, and Durán Online Gallery) and Anna Taratiel (artist), who will present their experience and share their opinions on the ways of visibility assigned to women. Moderated by Alberto Aguilar (Urvanity Art).

LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

16.45h Tuenti Urban Art Project

Presentation of the initiative promoted by Tuenti in the territory of urban art, which has made it possible to link the professional circuit with the university environment. Participants: Gema Perona (Tuenti Marketing Manager), Sergio Sancho (Director of Urvanity) and the five winners of the Tuenti-Urvanity New Contemporary Art contest: Andrea Romera (Complutense University of Madrid), Adrián Robaina (University of Granada), Antonio Sobrino (University of Seville), Rodrigo Romero (Complutense University of Madrid) and Diego Balazs (University of Granada).

17.30h The urban landscape of Madrid

Sergio Sancho (Director of Urvanity), Marisol Mena (General Director of Intervention in the Urban Landscape and Cultural Heritage), Arcadi Poch (CEO and Founder of YTIC Labs).

18.30h The relevance of art in the 21st century

Masaaki Hasegawai (Calligrafitti artist, founder of Creativida and ambassador of the Contemporary Calligraphy Museum).

19.30h The impact of urban creativity in cities

Ninoska Juan (Project and Planning Manager of the Contorno Urbano Foundation) and Esteban Marín (President of the Contorno Urbano Foundation).

20.30h Montana Colors presents Shadowman

Screening of the documentary by Oren Jacoby, focused on the figure and work of the artist Richard Hambleton, one of the pioneers of urban interventions in the eighties and who was a colleague of Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat in the mythical and experimental Club 57 located in the East Village of Manhattan.

LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

11.45h Education, Skate and Art

Jean Claude Geraud (CEO of City of Talents and Founder of Learn & Skate, skateboarding association).

12.45h The importance of context in the urban scene of Valencia and Bilbao

Juan Bautista Peiró (Professor of Painting and Environment at the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Carles of the Polytechnic University of Valencia), Sergio García Bayón (Director of SC Gallery and independent curator of contemporary art), Alberto Aguilar (Urvanity Art).

17.00h Creative universes: Eltono

18.30h The Art Conference x Urvanity

Talks and discussion panel about the trajectory that different women have consolidated within the creative industry. With Yasha Young (Creative Director of Urban Nation Museum), Tina Ziegler (Director of Moniker Art Fair and The Art Conference), Anna Dimitrova (Director Montana Gallery). Conducted by Doug Gillen (Director of Fifthwall TV and Official Host of The Art Conference).

LA SEDE COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63

11.45h Creative universes: Creando Aliados

Proyecto conjunto de 2alas (Andrew Antonaccio) + Isauro Hernández (Galería Balneario / Querétaro).

12.45h Barcelona, Rise and Fall

Screening and debate with Aleix Gordo (Director of the documentary and artist) and Arcadi Poch (Executive Producer and Researcher in Urban Creativity).

Note: The programme may be subject to change.


Urvanity Art 2018
Belén Palanco


The art -written in capitals or small letters- is the field of action of this journalist who has half of her life in the profession. Thanks to two Scholarships, she began her career at the EFE Agency, where she worked for 17 years, mainly in the international editorial offices of Culture and Photography – editor for the European Press Photo Agency – and on Radio. Her coverage of national and foreign events has been disseminated in hundreds of media in Spain and America. She has interviewed artists -mainly based in Europe- of first line at an institutional and market level and has covered exclusive art fairs from ARCO to TEFAF Maastricht. For about four years, she has been a freelance correspondent in Spain for The Art Newspaper and published in ‘Trends of the Art Market’ and ‘Exit’. She combines her work with the Ph.D. in Social Communication of the San Pablo-CEU University, as well as her participation in juries of contemporary art, congresses or collaborations in catalogs. She has studied at the Institute of Sotheby’s (Museums: Past, Present and Future, 2011, Executive Education: Business Management in the Art World, 2010, Contemporary East Asian Art, 2009). On urban art, she has studied subjects taught in postgraduate courses and her interviews and reports have been published, among other media, in Spanish (Agencia EFE) and in English (‘Turn on Art’, by Ivorypress, and SPN, of the Spain Now Festival, London).



Degree in History of Art from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2009, she has been the director of Durán Arte y Subastas, a leading company in the art market, which she has been part of since 1984. A woman educated in the classical and traditional art who also develops an activity in the field of new trends in current art. Her latest initiative is Durán Online Gallery, an online art platform that focuses on contemporary artists who are exponents of new creative languages and the most current artistic values. Her proposal is aimed at collectors, amateurs and art lovers interested in discovering artists who are the protagonists of the artistic avant-garde of the late twentieth and the twenty-first century.



She starts her contact with the art world through graffiti under the artistic name of UFO. She studied graphic design at the University Vapor of Terrassa and a diploma in mural techniques at La Llotja de Barcelona. Her work evokes internal landscapes and raises metaphorical reflections on the environment, expressed through geometric abstraction, provoking emotions and pulsing the viewer’s perception through the intense relationship -compositive, conceptual, technical- that she maintains with space and color. Mental cartographies that acquire material life to deal, from the visual misunderstanding, with the ideas of structure, pattern and variation, or with the boundary between the bi and three-dimensional. She has participated in international fairs such as This Art Fair, Amsterdam (2017); Aqua, Miami (2016), Swab, Barcelona (2015); Summa, Madrid (2015); Scope, New York (2015), Bridge, Miami (2015); Blooom, Cologne (2012-2015); Art Madrid, Madrid (2014); RAW, Rotterdam (2014); RAF, Madrid (2013); Stroke, Berlin (2012-2013); Just Mad, Madrid (2013); Berliner Liste, Berlin (2012); Arts Libris, Barcelona (2012); AAF, London (2011) and Stroke, Munich (2009).


Rubio. Sociologist, works at the Madrid City Council since 1987 in the planning of public policies. Since 2015 she has been the General Director of Intervention in the Urban Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the Culture and Sports Area of the Madrid City Council, developing projects for the rehabilitation and management of historical heritage, new cultural infrastructures, studies and intervention projects in the urban landscape, cultural management projects within the framework of contemporary creation and production focused on urban art in the public space. Treating urban issues from a complex, systemic and gender perspective, approached from transversality, experimentation and participation, overflowing disciplines to investigate and implement new methodologies to address public policies.

Arcadi Poch


CEO and Founder of YTIC Labs. Sociocultural Explorer dedicated mainly to research and development of artistic and social projects in the public space. Co-founder of Kognitif, an international network of creators and professionals who use culture and the arts as stimuli of the collective conscience through the development of socio-cultural projects in the public space, design, production of audiovisual works and exhibitions. He co-authored, together with Daniela Poch, the book Creaticity (Lemo 2013) and Urban Creativity Experience (Lemo 2014). He is also a co-author of Market, contrapublicity and photography in the urban art (VINZ 2014). And executive producer of the documentary Barcelona, Rise & Fall.



Calligrafitti artist and Ambassador of Contemporary Calligraphy Museum. He is the founder of Creativida, an initiative that builds a network of creative people in different areas and that includes key players in the company, art, sports and education. He is the creator of Art Bible ~ multisensory experience of Medieval Art + Music + Narrative ~. He is the author of If You Are Creative-Techniques to Enhance Your Creativity (2015), Yes Progressive-Acceleration in Creativity (2014), “New Paradigm of Creativity: From Newtonian Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics and Higher Education” in Handbook of Research on Creative Problem- Solving Skill Development in Higher Education (2016).



Responsible for projects and planning of Fundación Contorno Urbano. With a degree in architecture, she has always had an interest in art and especially urban art. Her main objectives are to introduce mural art as another tool for projecting public space and, at the same time, for art to be available to all, where, together with architecture, a harmonious urban landscape can be configured. She has been applying these ideas since 2009, participating in intervention projects in the public space through mural art and collaborating with entities.



President of Fundación Contorno Urbano. He began to paint graffiti in 2000 and quickly joined the associative fabric of Baix Llobregat, occupying since then different positions in urban art associations in Sant Feliu, Cornellà and L’hospitalet de Llobregat. The urban art awakens his interest to train as an artist and performs his studies in graphic design and illustration during the following years. In 2009 he made his first mural of large format (over 150m2) and combined his activity as an artist with that of curator and organizer of urban art events.



CEO of City of Talents, urban agency that promotes artists and urban art. Founder of the skateboarding association “Learn & Skate”, with the help of Richard Schenten, whose purpose is to introduce skateboarding in poor countries and give children the opportunity to change their reality thanks to the power of sport, as well as to offer access to education through the development of a school program in their communities: in particular, Uganda (2016) and Mongolia (2017).



Doctor of Fine Arts and Professor at the University of “Painting and Environment” at the Faculty of Fine Arts Sant Carles of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has held various positions in university management, including Director of the Department of Painting between 1999 and 2005. Since then, he was Vice-Rector for Culture (2005/2011) and until May 2013 he held the position of Director of Institutional Communication at the UPV. Teaching, always related to the mural painting and its updates in the contemporary urban space, as well as the research linked to the Art and Environment Research Center, shape its academic dedication. At the same time, he has participated in numerous artistic intervention initiatives in the city, including the commissioning of the Poliniza Dos Urban Art Encounter, which has reached its twelfth edition. He is a member of the Associations, Valencian, Spanish and International of Art Critics. Finally, he works as a consultant for contemporary art collections in Spanish public and private institutions, such as the Mediterranean Savings Bank (CAM), or DKV.



Gallerist and independent curator of contemporary art. He has been linked to the art world for years, and his passion is what led him to undertake an exciting and risky project in 2008: a contemporary art gallery. He studied painting and graphic design, maintaining a constant link since the end of the 80s with the world of urban art. After training in areas of cultural management and administration, through Bilbao Ekintza, in 2008 he opened his own exhibition space in the heart of Bilbao La Vieja: SC Gallery. This gallerist has worked with artists of international renown: Aryz, Eltono, Isaac Cordal, Sebas Velasco, Sixe Paredes, Zoer, etc. He is also curator of exhibitions and public art projects, among others: “Deambular” (2012), by the artist Eltono, and “Pirámide” (2013), by the artist SpY, at the Artium Contemporary Art Museum (Vitoria); as well as the series of mural interventions of the editions of the BLV-ART Festival from 2009 to the present in Bilbao. In 2016 he would curate the “Arteko Container” project for the Bilbao Art District, which has two editions: the first with the artist Felipe Pantone and the second with Sixe Paredes, which involves a container of merchandise, located on the Bilbao promenade of Abandoibarra, next to the Guggenheim Museum. In 2017 Sergio embarks on a new project together with the Bilbao City Council, managing a catalog that includes the mural art of the town.



This French artist has worked in Madrid for the last decade, in Beijing for four years and now lives in the south of France. Flâneur, obstinate stroller and chronic observer, for years Eltono uses public space as a support, study and source of inspiration. His sensitivity to what happens around him and his knowledge of the nature of the street – his whims and his unpredictable nature – are his main tools at the moment of generating works. He has taken part in the streets of more than 90 cities and has taught his work in renowned museums and galleries such as the Tate Modern and the Somerset House in London, the Miró Foundation in Barcelona or the Artium Museum in Vitoria. During the last 12 years, his work in galleries has focused on finding solutions to face the dilemma of exhibiting public art in private spaces.


Director and Curator of Urban Nation. His creative vision has driven and has been key to the creation of two globally recognized initiatives: Project M / and OneWall series. Her career as a gallery owner, curator and producer allows her a vast knowledge and experience in the field of international urban art.



Director of Moniker Art Fair. Founder and Director of The Art Conference. She is an independent curator who works from London. She has curated more than 80 art exhibitions, thanks to which she has worked with 300 artists around Europe. Ziegler has built a reputation as a representative of the greatest exponents of Surrealist Pop and Contemporary Urban Art movements on the international scene: Ben Eine, C215, Katrin Fridirks, Hush, Herakut, Polly Morgan, Ludo, Steve Powers, and Stik.

Anna Dimitrova


Her formative years were developed in Morocco and she later studied in Madrid and Barcelona. Today, as a traveler, she lives between Paris, Barcelona and the rest of the world. Enriched by contact with different cultures, she is an entrepreneur in the field of the arts and specializes in urban art, a sector in which she has been involved for fifteen years. In 2007, she created her first company of artistic and cultural projects in Barcelona: NOBULO. She has organized more than fifty exhibitions and forty events throughout the world in recent years. In 2010, he assumed the management of Galería Montana in Barcelona, the first Spanish gallery specialized in urban art and graffiti, where he presented new artists and talents of international renown. In 2015, he launches her new project: ADDA Gallery, a contemporary art gallery. Each year organizes several exhibitions in the main international capitals. In 2017, she opens her own space in Paris ADDA & TAXIE, at number 35 on Matignon Avenue.



Artist. Based in Barcelona and has always been drawing. He started by professionally drawing books for children and young people and making covers for publishers. Since then he has worked for the press, advertising agencies and several multinational companies both here and abroad in various sectors. Today, he focuses his work in the fields of painting and illustration, muralism, urban art, graphic design and his own licensing brand. He is the author and director of the documentary Barcelona, Rise & Fall.


Andrew Antonaccio, nació en Nueva York en 1981, conocido por su propuesta de Arte Público bajo el seudónimo de “2Alas”. Su trabajo, compuesto principalmente de intrincados murales, incorpora medios digitales y técnicas tradicionales. Fotografías que han sido reinterpretadas digitalmente, creando una nueva secuencia y luego el resultado final se produce a escalas grandes y pequeñas, e instalaciones con técnicas mixtas. 2ALAS, es una propuesta artística que como punto de partida combina imágenes de archivo con fotografía moderna, recrea una composición y las reinterpreta en aplicaciones de manipulación fotográfica digital. Al hacer esto, surge una nueva secuencia para que revela una correlación inseparable. Este boceto digital, posteriormente, se produce en diferentes escalas para murales, obras, instalaciones, entre otros. El producto final del trabajo es muy sensible al ojo digital, lo que crea una interacción con el observador ya que a primera vista algunos encuentran dificultades en la interpretación visual. Cuando el espectador usa una cámara para capturar la pieza, la imagen es relevada con asombro y una perspectiva desafiante. Esta propuesta ha ganado gran notoriedad en el arte público en los Estados Unidos con reconocimiento internacional, ampliando así su colección de arte público en todo el mundo. Andrew ha pintado lugares como Suiza, Italia, Montreal, Nueva York y Cuba. Además de estos viajes, Andrew ha participado en Festivales de Arte y Festivales de Muralismo tales como, Proyecto Viavai, festival de artes Mural, Downtown Mural Project de Hollywood, entre otros. Junto con su arte público, Antonaccio ha llamado la atención por sus piezas de estudio y su contribución a la expansión de la colección de murales en Wynwood; un renombrado distrito de arte en Miami, FL. Su trabajo ha sido exhibido en exposiciones independientes y colectivamente como “Friends and Family” Art Basel 2013 y 2014 que fue caracterizado por los artistas participantes y dónde Andrew se dirigió como organizador. Además de las galerías, su trabajo ha sido exhibido en las Ferias de gran escala como Scope Art Show, Art Basel, 2013, en el Museo de Historia de Miami, y encargado por coleccionistas privados y compañías de renombre tales como Ford, 1Hotel, Mozilla Firefox, Innside by Melias, entre otros.


Balneario es un medio cultural dedicado a impulsar el arte contemporáneo en México y el mundo. Como plataforma de difusión cultural el objetivo es democratizar el arte en todas sus disciplinas. Promovemos el arte hacia el plano actual, innovando en tendencias comerciales y aportando trabajos sociales, proyectos privados, gestionando residencias artísticas, festivales y compra venta de obras artísticas.



The new contemporary art fair

It is manifest that for several decades new practices, values and codes have coexisted in the cultural landscape of our cities, occupying a place in the world of contemporary art. The issue is how to tie them together, and this cannot be achieved only by means of an urban art fair. Therefore, Urvanity has been conceived as a platform for a New Contemporary Art.

To speak of new art is to catalyze a contemporary project with a historical perspective because “all that is not tradition is plagiarism.” Notably, Urvanity advocates proposals (with a strong base in the urban context of the 1970 ́s up until today) that construct a dialogue with modernity, and, as a result, provide a setting from which we can explain the world around us. It is important not only to consider the work itself but to understand the public space where this very work is composed and that it at the least convey an aesthetic experience.

Urvanity seeks to explore and thus imagine possible future scenarios for this New Contemporary Art, thanks in part to alliances with other initiatives and promoters of culture in our city. To support the creation and spreading of ideas, as well as facilitate access to these practices of contemporary creation that define our vast cultural urban landscape.

Urvanity Art,

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New Contemporary Art Fair // 25-28  February 2021 // COAM 63 Hortaleza Street, Madrid (Spain)

Press inquiries

Project Manager
Victoria Ríos // victoria@urvanity-art.com

General info

Exhibitor Relations
Elisa Montesinos // elisa@urvanity-art.com

Sergio Sancho // sergio@urvanity-art.com


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