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Urvanity LAB now also in the new Corte Inglés in Arapiles

June 22, 2021
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Urvanity LAB has a new home: our latest creative laboratory has moved to the El Corte Inglés in Arapiles, in the Chamberí district of Madrid.


Under the guidelines of the decorator and interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán, the new outlet centre for leading brands in Arapiles has become an urban and ground-breaking space with a design that oozes pure cosmopolitan essence. The Coffee Gallery, Urvanity LAB’s most artistic corner, emerges under a large luminous vault, which also includes a lounge area where you can have a coffee and a snack.



This space is the materialization of Urvanity LAB, our latest artistic adventure, an area for creative expression, production, and experimentation where we have taken the work of art to the limit between object and design. We encourage artists to step out of the canvas, to expand and experiment, and from this experimentation new creative objects emerge, exclusive and manufactured under a single rule: to give free rein to the imagination without limits.


In this way, in The Coffee Gallery by Urvanity LAB, you will find a wide variety of original and limited-edition products where we have wanted to break with the concept of collecting and where we seek to bring art to all pockets. Art Toys, prints, artists’ editions of skateboards and ceramics, all from artists such as Víctor Castillo, Sergio Mora, Grip Face, Boa Mistura, Juan Díaz – Faes, Rorro Berjano, Ricardo Cavolo, Smack, Gr170, Amadine Urruty and Albert Pinya.



So how does URVANITY LAB work at The Coffee Gallery?

We have developed a new concept of direct online shopping through bidi codes. Everything you see in the space is up for sale. You can buy anything you like. If something catches your eye, simply take out your mobile phone and scan the QR codes that you will find next to each of the products to access information about the product and the artist on the one hand, and on the other to add the product you want to buy to your cart. Ah! And no need to go home loaded: after finishing the purchase we will send it directly to your home in a matter of days.



Urvanity LAB x Urvanity 2021:

“Buy Art From Living Artists. The Dead Ones Don’t Need The Money”

Under this slogan we inaugurated the first pop-up shop prototype during the Urvanity 2021 fair from May 27th to 30th. Throughout these days, visitors could enjoy for the first time this new adventure thanks to some exclusive pieces such as the “Cosmic Loud Guitar” designed by the artist Sergio Mora and made to order; Art Toys by Medicomtoy or Superplastic as Bearbricks by Andy Warhol or the Qee Bear White “Do it yourself” customised by Judas Arrieta; the print by Nano4814 made especially for Uvanity LAB or the pots and ceramics by Rorro Berjano, We Are Out Of The Office and the single-use ceramic sets by Carlos Yuste.



If you want to see all the products you have at your fingertips, you can visit our online section of LAB Shop where we also include some pieces of textile by Add Fuel or Cristina Daura or go to El Corte Inglés de Arapiles, in Arapiles street, 10, Madrid.