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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Art Lovers

Dec. 23, 2022
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Last Christmas… I gave you my art…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…again. Holiday season is back, and for some it can be a non-stop hustle full of events, places to be and people to see, leaving little to no time to buy gifts. We know many people like to procrastinate the gift-searching process for last-minute and end up buying pajamas or socks. 


Therefore, we wanted to make the ultimate gift-guide focused on art enthusiasts, don’t worry no Frida Kahlo tote bags or Starry Night socks, and in wide range of budgets.




One of the easiest ways to support emerging artists is buying their prints, here are some stores that sell these at different price points, check em out!

You can find many prints at stores like: La Causa Art Shop , The Poster Club, and Saatchi Art



Until Death Do Us Part Photobook by Thomas Sauvin

If you don’t have a big budget, this photobook is the perfect option. Until Death Do Us Part addresses the surprising significance cigarettes play in Chinese weddings. The bride and groom are then encouraged to participate in some ingenious cigarette-smoking games. This book pays respect to a tradition in which love and death coexist.

The most special aspect of this photobook is the format: since it is literally a cigarette pack.

Price: 30 euros. Buy it here.


Superfoods from the Magic Supermarket

As part of the exhibition “Food Obsession” a UVNT project curated by Sergio Sancho and Sara Coriat, the artists Lusesita and Sergio Mora created superfoods for your soul, presented in a scenography that reproduces and re-interprets a Neighborhood Supermarket in the context of an art gallery, anyone that visits the exhibition can buy these products.


Magazine Subscription

One of the most original gifts you can give this holiday season is a magazine subscription, you can gift subscriptions to one magazine or if you don’t know which one to get there is always Stack Magazine, which seeks out the best independent magazine and ships one each month to its subscribers.

Magazines: Spike Art Magazine, Mousse Magazine, Flash Art



The Gourmand’s Egg. A Collection of Stories & Recipes

If your friend is an art lover but also a foodie, this book is ideal for them. This book illustrates the cultural and culinary history of the egg, from Dali’s inspiration to Hitchcocks nightmare.

Price: 50 euros. Buy it here.



Ceramic Art

Instead of buying a Santa or reindeer cup from The Flying Tiger you can resort to emerging ceramic artists to assure that your gift is literally one of a kind.



Artist Capsule Collections

This one goes out for your more bougie friends, and in case your budget is a bit more elevated. High-end fashion brands have recently come out with Capsule Collection with contemporary artists, Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama and Stella McCartney x Nara Yoshitomo.


Tickets for UVNT 2023

If you are looking to give an experience rather than an object, tickets to UVNT Art Fair 2023 is exactly what you are looking for. Celebrated once a year, during Madrid’s Art Week, the New Contemporary fair is the place to discover the latest contemporary art whilst taking a stroll through the city center. Why not? Buy them here.



One of a kind tattoo design 

Aimed at your most daring and fearless friends, there is currently an avant-garde wave of emerging tattoo artists creating designs from scratch that make the perfect creative present.

Paula Grenoille, Lauryl Sandman, Malcolm MacQueen, Silkyrabbit & Life Springs Eternal