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What Artists Want to Achieve in 2023

Dec. 30, 2022
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With the new year just around the corner, our notebooks and notes apps start to fill up with resolutions and goals. Read more, excercise more, sleep more… to put it concisely, more balance. In the artistic fields, these goals have a more creative approach, we talked to a few artists to reflect on 2022 and see what they want to achieve in 2023. 

We asked them to tell us a word to describe 2022 and their goal for 2023, due to their artistic manner, they each had various ways of interpreting the question, check out their answers!


Scout Zabinski (@scoutzabinski)

A word for 2022: Divine

I would love for 2023 to just be a continuation of the past year’s progress. After working on the biggest paintings I’ve ever made for months now, I really just want my next solo show with Carl Kostyal to be everything I’ve imagined it to be. These works are ideas that have existed in my head since I was a kid exploring museums in Europe. I’m feeling confident in them and proud of the progress I’ve made technically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Yann Leto (@yannleto_official)

In 2023 I be in time for the 3 solo exhibitions, the group shows and fairs before the summer! And I will also be in the Contemporary Adhesivo Residency program during the month of April. Another thing I would like to achieve is to not get my ig account hacked again. I want to investigate new working techniques starting this summer, start working with pigment for example. I also want to create new neon pieces, it is a medium that I left aside these last two years and I want to set up my production workshop again. Maybe also start thinking about a catalog that gathers my production of the last 15 years…it’s about time.


Larissa de Jesus Negrón (@ldjnegron)

One word to summarize 2022: Adventurous!

What you want to achieve in 2022: I would like to be healthy, mentally and physically, to be able to produce quality work for the shows I have next year. I also want to dedicate more time to writing about my work.


Yosi Negrín (@yosinegrin)

2022: tambaleo (movement)

2023: oniric


Austin Lee (@austinleee)

I never make New Year’s resolutions. I just try to make positive changes in my life as soon as I realize they are necessary. Hoping to make a lot of great paintings next year though! 


Ornella Pocetti (@ornellapocetti)

One word to sum up 2022: Expansion.

A goal for 20233: For next year I would like to have more possibilities of international projection for Argentine artists and also to develop a project that crosses my ceramics with my paintings, which I have been working on for a few years.


Silvia Lermo (@silvia_lermo)

One word to sum up 2022: Volcano.

A goal for 2023: I want art to keep saving my life.


Sydnie Jimenez (@syddd.viciouss)

2022: Blessed

My goal for 2023 is to travel as much as I can. Something I got to do this year was travel where my art went. it was my first timing traveling to the UK and had that opportunity because the wonderful people at @mooseyart invited me over for a show/ residency. Many exciting things planned for next year and cannot wait!


Ela Fidalgo (@elafidalgo)

2022: On the global level, instability, fragility, inflation and incubation. On the personal level, freedom, courage, reflection, imagination, sharing, cooperation, play and development.

For 2023, I want to adapt to the new times that seem to be emerging. Experiment with my creative process, continue the search for my artistic identity and explore new fields.

To develop cooperation and collaboration projects.


Hannah Epstein (@gdgrlhanski)

One word to summarize 2022: illuminating 

A goal for 2023 or what you want to achieve in 2023: printing my memoir on toilet paper


Nicolás Romero (@eversiempre)

One word to sum up 2022: MESSIENTOBIEN (Messi…)

A goal for 2023: New challenges are coming which is to work for my first exhibition in Asia 😀


Gema Polanco (@gemapolanco)

Word: Self-pleasure

Purpose: To have a “one woman experimental crooner band”, follow the fantasy, get out of precariousness and sign up for pilates.


Riniifish (@riniifishw)

2022: Tropical Trip

2023: We want to turn the body to the brain.


Ampparito (@ampparito)

I think my resolution for next year is that it will be the same as this year. It’s a bit of an old man thing… But it’s the truth.


Ana Barriga (@anabarrigaoliva)

2022: SHULEITO (sassy)

2023: Ronear mas (have more fun)