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Álex Perez Moya

(1992, Madrid)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2017, Alex Pérez Moya (Madrid, 1992) is a visual artist who develops his work through painting and relies mainly on craft, plastic and process.

With a special interest in luminous scenes and clean, primary colours, he searches for and recreates the sensual qualities of flesh and objects: the voluptuous and sinuous take on great importance in his images. The most common themes in his work revolve around concepts such as refuge, paradise, abundance, sensory pleasure and childhood. The latter is understood as the influence of the interests, perceptions and obsessions he had as a child on those he has today.

His previous and eventual studies in building engineering gave him an interest in geometry, which he incorporates into his compositions in the form of calculated architectural spaces and pronounced perspectives. These geometrically idealised spaces contrast with the sensual treatment of the objects and subjects in them, which produces a subtly strange character in his images. On an almost subliminal level they are perceived as unreal or metaphysical, provoking a certain uneasiness by reminding us of a model or simulation, a sort of artificial and parallel replica of reality.
Since 2021 he has been represented by the Arniches 26 gallery and is currently developing his latest project at LEA (Lab of Experimental Art), which will be exhibited next March at the same gallery.