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Avelino Sala

(Gijón, 1972)

His artistic work questions cultural and social reality from a late romantic perspective with a critical point of view. By continuously exploring social imagery, Sala identifies the painful points, demonstrating the power of art as a space for experimentation and for the creation of new worlds. Sala is a Spanish referent of art as a vehicle for political resistance, in his production there is a kind of poetics that reflect on State powers and the control they exercise.

His recognizable aesthetic discourse is as necessary as it is powerful.
Since the 2000s Sala has been working in the global context of contemporary art, exhibiting and participating in Biennials and institutions such as the Caracas Biennial of Fire (2006), VideoZone V Biennial of Video Art of Tel Aviv (2010), Nightcomers, 10 Istanbul Biennial (2007), Biennial of the End of the World (2011), Biennial of Central American Isthmus of Guatemala (2014) or the South Biennial, Together Apart (2019).

His work was presented in 2020 in a large project at the Centre del Carmen in Valencia where the themes he has been working on for years are developed: migrations, contemporary dislocation, environmental crisis and the paradoxes of capitalism.