burguer burguer


Carlos Tardez

(Madrid, 1976)

Graduate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He combines his pictorial work with sculpture, in both cases there are mythological connotations that make the works full of double meanings and reinterpretations of scenes and objects. This is especially evident in his sculpture, where he uses a preconceived idea or an object associated with a meaning and turns it on its head. Mythology coated in irony. They are generally small pieces, modelled in resin and polychrome, although there are also works executed in bronze.

On the canvas he tries to express the idea in the most direct way possible, his pictorial technique and the realism used are meticulous, generating simple and emphatic compositions in which the void takes on a meaning and in many cases carries the conceptual weight in a treatment of space that draws directly from abstract painting. It is a symbolic figuration, with a series of resources that have enriched his own iconography. The title of each of the works suggests and reinforces the idea on many occasions, always leaving the subjective interpretation of the spectator open.