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Carlota Guerrero

(Barcelona, 1986)

Barcelona based photographer and performer Carlota Guerrero has become one of the most sought-after creators of the moment thanks to her female portraits. Hers is a sidereal trajectory that has much to do with the spirit of the times and with her vision of women as goddesses. A very special goddess: pagan, friend of her sisters, who does not attend to the industry’s canons of thinness and with a point between the classic, the innocent and the irreverent.

The world discovered Carlota with Solange’s album A seat at the table. The Spanish photographer created a very sophisticated and artsy visual universe for Beyoncé’s sister. Since then she has worked for Dior, Givenchy and The New Yorker.

All of Carlota’s works come signed and numbered by the artist and are of very limited editions of 7 plus 1 Artist Proofs.