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Debbie Reda

(Argentina, 1976)

Debbie Reda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976, and lives and works in Madrid, Spain. Taking a record of the influence of Art Brut, drawing and painting as a child, the phenomenon of repetition appears in her abstract work citing repetition exercises when one learned to draw as a kid. Her Monster Collection is her Figurative Series that defines her cartoonish visual style as a Childlike Neo-pop Art. The characters reflect humor and irony, different moods and circumstances of everyday life.

Exploring her own childhood memories, in particular the relationship with her grandfather, her work cites the games, the toys, the playground and the dreams of a child, discovering and seeing the world as it were the first time. Her recognizable characters have their own story behind them. They are Monsters who came to earth on an expedition and fell in love with nature and human beings. Since then, they try to understand and imitate humans, to the point of resembling each other. They do not know about bad feelings, always with a great sense of humor, positive thoughts and, with innocence, they discover the world for the first time and in which playing is the best way to do it.

Debbie Reda is an internationally recognized artist. Her work belongs to collections worldwide. Last October 2021 she was part of the Honorable Salón in WWA Art Fair in Shanghai ranked by votes of Chinese collectors into the 40's trendy artists in the world.