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El Roto

(Spain, 1947)

During the Spanish dictatorship, under the name of OPS, Andrés Rábago collaborated in numerous publications, such as Hermano Lobo, La Codorniz, Triunfo and Madriz. His drawings referred to the subconscious and social issues. With the arrival of democracy in Spain, OPS became quieter and a new pseudonym appeared: El Roto, whose social satire tries every day to break the individual-mass condition and alert the conscience to an anesthetic reality. El Roto's drawings have been published in newspapers like Diario 16, El Independiente and, for many years now in El País on a daily basis.

Rábago has exhibited at Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain; Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga, Spain; Orleans Musée de Beaux Arts, France; Zaragoza Histories Centre, Spain; University of Córdoba, Spain; Tecla Sala, Hospitalet, Spain; Barjola Museum, Gijón, Spain; Sala Amos Salvador, Logroño, Spain; Cervantes Institute, Chicago, USA and El Carme Center, Valencia, Spain.