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Ela Fidalgo

(Palma de Mallorca, 1993)

Ela Fidalgo has developed her technique using embroidery, acrylic, fabrics, oil and waxes. Her work includes painting, sculpture and installation. In her paintings, Fidalgo gives form to emotions that manifest from her universe full of questions about human behavior beyond the domains of everyday life and thought. All of the artist's production is strongly linked to her stage in fashion, which she applies to her work by embroidering.

Ela Fidalgo was born in 1993 in Palma de Mallorca. She got a scholarship to study fashion design at IED Fashion Lab Madrid, where she won awards such as the Balenciaga award, The Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency. During his third year she won the Fashion Talent award at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and in 2018, she was a finalist at the Festival d'Hyeres. Since 2016 she has focused on her artistic career, since then he has held three individual exhibitions.