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Eloy Arribas

(Spain, 1991)

Eloy Arribas (Valladolid, 1991) is a painter and he has presented his work in individual exhibitions in Madrid (Galería Herrero de Tejada), Barcelona (Galería Miquel Alzueta), New York (Arts+Leisure and Freight&Volume), and Salamanca (DA2 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo). He has also participated in collective exhibitions in and outside of Spain (The Clemente Center, Museo Patio Herreiano, Centro Párraga…). Currently, his work is dedicated to art production and teaching at universities. He focuses his work on the relationship between pictorial space and the representation of musical parameters such as rhythm, melody or lyrics, trying to play, in an iconographic sense, with the survival of certain images of the history of art in today's world.