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Federico Luger

(Italy, 1979)

Federico Luger (Milan, 1979) is an Italian-Caribbean artist who grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, where he lived until he was 21 years old. A naturalized Italian, he lives and works in Milan and Maloja(Switzerland). At 14 years old, he arrived in Italy for the first time, a journey that was to mark the life and vision of the art of the young Luger.His training began with his teacher Adriana Cifuentes, who incentivized him to enroll at the Armando Reveron Academy in Caracas, where he studied drawing and painting, also interesting himself in photography and graphic design.

After having travelled and wandered around various European cities, he settled in Milan where he continued his studies at the Brera Academy. His sensitivity and passion for art, together with his continuous intellectual research and his need for cultural confrontation and interaction, impelled him in 2005 to open a space in Milan devoted to contemporary art: Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), which brought together a group of international artists, both youngsters and those who had already made a name, with whom he shared the need for continuous research and thought in a reciprocal cultural interchange, and with whom he created strong links of intellectual friendship.

Luger’s interest in art is not circumscribed by the work itself but also extends to the context in which the work lives and is enjoyed, to the thought that generated it and the study that created it. His artistic practice takes the form of an intuitive and experimental analysis in continuous development through various media, above all painting, to which his flanks the creation and curatorship of such projects and shows as The immigrants, Venice 2013; Advertising the Paradise, A Pick Gallery, Turin 2020;Net Jumps, Allegra Ravizza Gallery, Lugano 2021. etc.

For Federico Luger art is a necessary concept and, therefore, the generator of a totalising interest of his artistic life as an artist, dealer, curator, organiser, intellectual and, perhaps above all, idealist.