burguer burguer


Fran Baena

(Priego de Córdoba, 1999)

Fran Baena tries to establish a commitment with the adolescents of now and the difficult tomorrow that seems to come, building a work that is like a friend to approach to cry and laugh, thus leaving a witness to the aftermath of contemporary sadness, in the same way that rock bands and alternative music have done since the 80s.

It starts especially from a painting linked to the post-internet world, paying attention to the poetic politics involved in painting and images consumed on the web, with great attention to the irony that is being used at this time based on laughing at our misfortunes as the last way out, with the analysis of memes and songs of sadness to register the uncertainty of our Contemporary Tragicomedy, together with a deeply existentialist philosophy: that of being so alive that one thinks about death.

Because no person with depression wants to die, but to escape from life.