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Francisco Mendes Moreira

(Portugal, 1984)

Francisco Mendes Moreira (1984).

Lives and works in Lisbon.

The self-taught artist, Francisco Mendes Moreira lives and works in Lisbon. Over the last years, Moreira has gained a large following both online and through international exhibitions in North America, Europe and Australia.

Initially Moreiras practice is a way of solving problems which build on an intuitive work process which can be triggered by contemporary culture endorsing both phycological and political aspects. His series are made predominantly with oil pastels, painted on found and collaged cardboard packaging. Shifting between realism and abstract, Moreira’s images pose those eternal questions; where do we come from, what came before us, and who else is out there?

The different mediums and surfaces, number of themes and even the scale are all circumstantial, in the sense that it is his day-to-day living that determines the studio processes.

The act of analysis has little space in the specific creative process but looking at the artists oeuvre one can conclude that Moreiras practice is an ongoing commentary and staging of events related to the human condition.