burguer burguer


Gfeller + Hellsgard

(1980, Stockholm / 1973, Haguenau)

The Swedish-French Berlin-based artist duo GFELLER + HELLSGÅRD have been working with screen printing for more than 20 years. In their work, they test and challenge the boundaries of screen printing while deconstructing the conventions, techniques and formal structures of printmaking. Their practice as an artist duo is primarily based on process; the image provides answers to experimental questions. Here, the limits of the virtuoso mastered creative printing process are constantly being reconsidered, deconstructed and shifted. Their abstract works, evoke a range of associations in which small details and subtle aspects of perfection and imperfection play a major role. In their works, the artists use materials such as wood, glass, paper and metal, as well as everyday objects such as furniture and architectural elements. Combined with neutral and bright colours, their works create an everchanging spatial experience and unusual contrasts that activate spaces, triggering a conversation between material, colour, space and the viewer.