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Isaac Cordal

(Pontevedra, 1974)

Galician artist who combines sculpture and photography in an urban environment. He lives between Bilbao, Brussels and Galicia. Isaac transforms any corner of the city with his small cement figures, full of melancholy and social criticism. Isac Cordal is the creator of the work "Cement Eclipses", small cement sculptures that recreate scenes and real issues of today's society such as political failure, climate change, lack of freedom of expression ... and do so by invading small cracks in the street, puddles, platforms and other places in cities like Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc..

With miniaturization and placement in urban places, Isaac Cordal stimulates the imagination of pedestrians who find his sculptures in the street. Cement Eclipses is a critical observation of our behavior as a social mass. The work aims to draw attention to our devalued relationship with nature through a critical view of the collateral effects of our evolution.

Cement Eclipses was started as a nomadic project in public space in 2006 and is in continuous process of realization. To date interventions in cities like Berlin, London, Bogota, Brussels, Zagreb, Vienna, Milan, New York, Amsterdam, Nantes, San Jose, Hanoi, etc.