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Iván Floro (Van Vuu)

(Mataró, 1993)

Iván Floro (1993) is an artist and muralist born in a coastal town near Barcelona called Mataró. He exercised in the drawing from an early age, but it is during the high school years when Floro begins to paint daily in factories and abandoned places. He decides not to follow a classical artistic training and in 2014 he begins to use oil painting, which he learns to handle by looking at the painting of the great masters through the screen of his computer. Shortly after, he regularly attends natural portrait sessions with more painters of the contemporary scene in Barcelona.

With a pictorial style close to Impressionism, the themes discussed in his works, versatile and fresh, derive from his membership in the 90's generation. Seriousness and irony intermingle to capture childhood memories or images of the present tinted with references to counterculture current. Among his latest exhibition projects, we can highlight his participation in the collective exhibitions Creença (2018, Berga, Barcelona), Tapia (2019, Barcelona) and Homeless (2019, Miami, United States) curated by Axel Void, as well as the Eros exhibition in painting Today (2020) at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona. Its walls are found in the Spanish territory as well as in the United States, Italy and Egypt.