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Jorge Isla

(Huesca, 1992)

Since 2015, his artistic practice focuses on the observation and analysis of reality and on the modes of production and consumption of contemporary society. Represents a set of ideas based on issues related to the perception of everyday and methodologies for searching materials from the immediate context, their collection, reinterpretation, resignification, manipulation and intervention as a conceptual object from a plastic investigation by combining several media: writing, photography, videoart, and installation, depending on the nature of each project.


He won the VEGAP 2015, MAPA Grant of LENS School 2016, Visual Arts Grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture in the Collège d’Espagne à Paris (2017), etc. He has been selected to participate in the A Quemarropa Residency (Alicante, 2015), V Encontro de Artistas Novos in S. de Compostela (2015), II Encuentro de Artistas de Castilla y León (Segovia, 2018), artist residency Bilbaoarte Foundation (Bilbao, 2018), Artist Book Prize for Young Creators of Fundación Ankaria (2019), Premio de Arte Joven de la Rioja (2019), adquisition grant of El Brocense (2019), La Térmica (Málaga, 2020), Ayudas para la investigación, creación y producción artísticas del MECD (2021), adquisition grant Joaquina Zamora (Zaragoza, 2021), adquisition grant Colección UMH (Elche, 2021) and Production Grant Bilbaoarte Foundation (2021).

His work has been exhibited in different solo and group shows such as Antonia Puyó Gallery (2017 and 2021, Zaragoza), Galeria Presente (2020, Porto), La Rambleta (2020, Valencia), The Natural History Museum of the Universitat de València (2018), Photoespaña (2017), XV Bienal de Fotografía of Córdoba (2017), Kir Royal Gallery (2017, Madrid), CentroCentro Cibeles (2016, Madrid), Centro del Carmen Museum (2016, Valencia), Fachada Media of Etopia (2016, Zaragoza), Contemporary Art Glass Museum of Alcorcón (2018, Madrid), Matadero (2018, Madrid), Art Lima (2018, Lima), Unseen Art Fair (2018, Amsterdam), Estampa Art Fair (2017, 2018 and 2021 Madrid), Photo London Art Fair (2019, London), etc. 


Besides his practice, since 2018, Jorge also develops his work as a teacher in Universidad San Jorge (Zaragoza, Spain), in addition, he’s part of the editorial board of Graffiti Removals, the largest submission based image archive of removed graffiti around the world.