burguer burguer


Juan Miguel Quiñones

(Cádiz, 1979)

Juan Miguel Quiñones, a self-taught artist who invites us to reflect on the use of food in our lives in an ironic way, proposing the use of everyday objects from the point of view of Pop Art. As Claes Oldenburg did, Quiñones turns any object into a symbol of its time, eliminating its usual functions and meanings, and always doing it with that sense of humor that characterizes him from Cadiz. The size, the materials and the conversion of matter are fundamental characteristics of this sculptor. They are images that result from an evocation of reality, a mockery and a satire, without being totally so. 

In his first works in marble, which he began to produce after his work as a sculptor in a company that imported and exported this stone, we can find a clear postmodernist influence, as in his fused tributes to Giacometti and Klein. After having experimented with various styles and techniques of stone sculpture, he has transferred the Florentine preciosist technique, widespread in the Renaissance, called "hard stone", to the work we see today. This technique consists of inlaying semi-precious stones in marble. Immersed in this methodology, he reinterprets the work of stone in a contemporary way. Ice creams, hamburgers, cupcakes resurface from the stone to transmit that irony that the artist remembers from his childhood, when his mother told him and his three brothers: "you don't play with food", and that today and from the satire, he does it again playing with it and with the stone.