burguer burguer


Juan Narowé

(Brazil, 1993)

Inspired by different artistic disciplines, from literature to cinema, Juan Narowé works across several media in ever changing paintings that oscillate between old and new. Often adding or erasing layers to his works, taking already existing fragments and modifying them, Narowé creates material palimpsests: the trace encounters the new, in an interplay of timeframes. The formal language of the works is simple, almost childish, pure in intention and style. The naivety of the subjects, portrayed while walking or simply sitting, is endearing: there is a sense of intimacy to the protagonists, as if the artists is able to enter their private thoughts and dreams and deliver them onto linen or paper.

The density of the paint and the thickness of the line make the contrast surface-drawing even stronger, enforcing this sense of closeness between the viewer and the subject matter.