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Kepa Garraza

Berango, Biscay, 1979
The work of this Basque artist explores, through drawing and painting, the evolution of the visual codes of representation of power and, at the same time, the conformation of new epic narratives whose protagonists are all of us. Garraza's work shows scenes of an apocalyptic 
 an apocalyptic, illegal, disrespectful future. A future that is negative utopia, loss of control over the situation and reason, uncontrolled rebellion. His powerful images are a critical warning about our future and its possibilities in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world. In other words, Kepa's work translates into images -and makes possible the visualization- of that phrase that, according to Zizek, Jameson would one day pronounce: Today it is easier for us to think of the end of the world than of the end of capitalism. It is the interstice between both ends where Kepa's work dwells.

Fire #2

ATM Residence

Kepa Garraza

"Fire #2"

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