burguer burguer


Lotte Keijzer

(Natherlands, 1983)

Lotte Keijzer (b. 1983 , Texel, Netherlands) lives and works in Haarlem, Netherlands. Keijzer studied Graphic Design at the Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam, graduating in 2005. In 2009, she also completed a degree in Production Design from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lotte’s bold, colourful work has been inspired by her daily unimportant moments and her youth experiences. Her pieces can often evoke paradox feelings of sadness and humour. Lotte Keijzer says about her own work, “I find certain things in life that we see as normal or not important very funny because it can be so typical, I realise people recognise themselves in my works because of it.” The overarching theme are scenarios that linger on everyday-life memories such as being ready for summer; about cleaning chores; childhood, friends' nights out, too much wine, about experiencing grief.