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Lukas Kubala


Lukáš Kubala was born in1983-Bratislava.  He graduated from the School of Performing  Arts.  

In his easily recognizable manuscript of  painting, the author focuses on space-time  continuum. He combines the past, the present  and the future in one space.  

Memories and fantasies meet at the present  time. Thus, there is a constant conflict of the  past and the future expressed on the canvas.  He leaves blank areas in the shape of various  objects in the paintings. He tries to point out  the transience of things. He explains the black and-white painting as a metaphor for  indefiniteness. It forces the observer to engage  their imagination to complete the meaning of  the work of art by themselves.  

According to the author, the objects and  structure in the paintings resembling a stone  are cells in space-time that have not yet  reached the final form of objects as we know  them in real time. He draws his ideas from the  Bible, history, but also the current situation in  society.  

He also deals with the issue of relationships in  his creative work. The deformation of the  figures shows constant evolution of people and  imperfection of the world.