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Mario Mankey

(Valencia, 1985)

Using the Mario Mankey name, I manifest the underlying contradictions between human and primate.

I work on human behaviours I find disturbing. I focus mainly on the eternal contradictions of the modern individual as a result of their ambitions and limitations.

The aesthetic game is brought in as a way to introduce fun but also sarcasm. Thus, the works are addressed at a diverse, but also intimate audience, seeking to establish an artistic dialogue, be it arisen from a canvas, a street mural, a comic book or whichever new challenge brought in by this relationship.


Cut flowers in crashed vase

Swinton Gallery

Mario Mankey

"Cut flowers in crashed vase"

3,500 €


Swinton Gallery

Mario Mankey


5,000 €

Male Gaze

Swinton Gallery

Mario Mankey

"Male Gaze"

6,000 €

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