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Marría Pratts

(Barcelona, 1988)

She studied at the Massana School of art and design in Barcelona. Currently María lives and works in Barcelona and Los Angeles. 

Her work speaks of a decadent world and shows habits and stereotypes of its surroundings. A strong, loud, and ironic speech that puts the street centre stage. A critical art that maintains a hopeful and optimistic halo through the use of cheerful colours, a naive style and the spontaneity of the themes. Her work has shared space with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nan Goldin or Tracey Emin in collective exhibitions such as “Punk. His traces in contemporary art” (MACBA, Barcelona; CA2M, Madrid and Artium Museum, Vitoria and Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico). Maria Pratts' art is brutal and vital, and portrays a hostile, grotesque, urban universe, full of helpless people and garbage. But at the same time, it is colourful, fun, and uninhibited.