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Martín Mancera

(Bogotá, 1963)

Painter, draftsman, he has a degree on Plastic Arts from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He starts his artistic career as an illustrator in the year of 1987 working for the most important newspapers in Colombia where he took part of the production, elaboration and edition of contest "donde esta Javier" from EL ESPECTADOR Journal. Later, by the success with EL ESPECTADOR, an international tour had place in South America and Central America invited by different journals in: Panama, Venezuela, Costarica, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, among others.

Is not that much about making what nobody has seen before but making people think what nobody has thought about what everybody sees or have seen. This is the idea that generates all the collages, paintings and more, with materials such as rags, coins, bank holes, keys, receipts, box of matches and conventional objects. In general, they become part of the artworks of Master Martin Mancera, where public characters, people, historical events, news, anecdotes are traduced into the pictorial language of art.