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Natalia Ocerín

(Spain, 1989)

Natalia Ocerin (Sagunto, 1989) has a degree in Fine Arts (University of Valencia) and a Master's degree in Artistic Production (UPV).

She is currently immersed in an unpublished project for her next exhibition in Los Angeles by Alex Slato. Has been selected in the VI edition of "women looking at women" (Spain and Latin America), several honorable mentions for the Mainel Foundation, a selection in the Bp Portrait Prize painting award from the National Gallery in London like many others.

Her work has been exhibited in the MEAM museum in Barcelona, in galleries such as Astarte in Madrid in the Astilleros de Valencia, La ira de Dios in (ArgenGna) and DESPINA (Rio de Janeiro)

She has also enjoyed residencies such as “La ira de Dios” in Buenos Aires, DESPINA in Rio de Janeiro, Can Serrat in Barcelona.