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Natalia Romanciuc


Natalia Romanciuc, born in 1996 in the Republic of Moldova, discovered her passion for painting at an early age and decided to become an artist at 17. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau, where she developed her talent and explored various forms of artistic expression. Recognized for her large-scale paintings and her interest in the female body, Natalia also ventures into other artistic mediums such as manifestos, poetry, drawing, ceramics, video art, and performance, expanding her creativity and diversity.
Over the past 8 years, Natalia has found inspiration in the female figure and values the divine gift of motherhood, seeking to convey love, beauty, and inherent strength in both men and women. Her connection with feminine energy enriches her artistic expression, reflecting the power and beauty of women in her work.

For Natalia, art is her voice and means of communication, observation, and creation. She seeks to establish a connection between chaos and harmony, providing viewers with a unique and shared experience that reflects not only her identity but also that of others and the universe. With a modern figurative and symbolic expressionist style, Natalia uses distortion as a method to manifest mental and emotional states in her art. Currently, she explores the union between physical and spiritual personality, delving into the essence of these human elements and allowing viewers to exercise their personal imagination. In addition to conveying important ideas, Natalia aims to evoke intense emotions in viewers and believes that success in art lies in its ability to cultivate, educate, and promote spiritual development. She acknowledges the imperfections in contemporary art concepts and understands that these imperfections reflect the human condition.