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(1985, Barcelona)

Okokume, also known as Laura Mas Hernandez, is best known for her iconic character Cosmic Girl. The pink-haired spirit with turquoise skin is the universe’s messenger who emphasises the importance of protecting the environment. She travels in space and tends to planets in need by restoring them to their former glory.

Her Lowbrow inspired style of painting reflects the influence of Japanese manga, American cartoons and street culture. Her gleeful and colourful works transport the audience into the universe of Cosmic Girl and her companions, spreading positive messages they believe in.

Okokume's cheerful and positive style is met with much popularity, making her one of the fastest growing contemporary artists. Okokume was born in 1985 in Barcelona. She graduated from Barcelona's renowned Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design. Her works have been widely exhibited in galleries and art fairs around the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Los Angeles and Berlin etc.