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PichiAvo is a duo of street artists, Juan Antonio and Álvaro, both hailing from Valencia in Spain. Both artists trained in Fine Art and Design before they met on the graffiti scene in Valencia, which led to their formation of PichiAvo in 2007. Pursuing joint projects, they focused on skills and techniques to develop their recognisable style and showcase what defines them: graffiti and classical art. They have achieved global recognition for their skills at uniting the connection between painting and sculpture in urban settings. 

Their innovative approach at creating these fusions reveals the beautiful balance that can be achieved between classical and contemporary art. Working both outside and inside the studio, they experiment across all mediums – painting, sculpture, and installation. PichiAvo often pay close tribute to classical masterpieces, by re-representing them with a modern twist for a contemporary audience. The artists’ pay homage to original techniques and materials, which allowed these sculptures to be preserved.


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"Hybris Naiad CMLXXX"

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