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Starsky Brines

(1985, Venezuela)

Brines’ art, rich in expressionism, delves into the intricacies of human nature. Characters, afusion of human and animal traits, derive from archetypes and childhood memories,shaping a vibrant, bold narrative. His work redefines reality, blending contemporaryiconography with elements from fairy tales and myths. This fusion creates a distinctiveuniverse, challenging conventional aesthetics by intertwining the natural with the chaos ofmodernity. Brines' imagery navigates the complexities of global socio-political duality,employing humor to establish nuanced connections. Influenced by expressionism,neo-expressionism, and postmodernity, his art engages in a global discourse. A Fine Artsdegree underpins his international recognition, showcased in exhibitions across Caracas,Basel, Bogotá, Frankfurt, New York, Miami, Madrid, and Seoul, solidifying his impact oncontemporary expressionist art.