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Sun-Kyo Park


I think a Man in the mind has a center point. I guess a culture, society and university is created by  overlapping the circles in which each person draws on its point. I think The center point in the mind has a  power like the staring point of the whole world. Studying and drawing each the starting point is  connected the act for me to understand the universe. 

The power of a character's impression is great. When I observe a person, I particularly focus on the  impression of the face because I think that the body and its posture are the outline information of the  impression, whereas the emotion or the person's history is most directly revealed in the face. So, when I  draw a character, I tend to use body, clothes, background, and other elements to satisfy the need for  formative harmony and incidental explanation. The face also plays an important role in determining the  first impression. So, even if all other expressions work well, lacking expression makes it difficult to  captivate the audience right away at the first glance. The impression of a character with all this information gathered may be only a momentary afterimage through which we can recognize a person in  a short period of time, but is the most intense information that intuitively conveys the information  contained in the character. The information is interpreted in various ways again by the prejudice of the  audience, which is what I most want the audience to do.