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Terry A. Craven

(United Kingdom, 1984)

Terry Craven is a painter and co-owner of Desperate Literature bookshop, Madrid. 

His work is deeply rooted in the written word and in recent years has focused more on encounters with found objects, on the strange meeting point between the urban and the natural world: he works with concrete, broken bricks, forgotten remnants of everyday city life, along with fallen petals, seeds and, in his most recent project, Viriditas, lichens. 

His current paintings oscillate between 'concrete postcards' - concrete 'painted' with the aforementioned petals, seeds and lichens - and a much slower and intentionally meditative practice, painting with the lichen itself. These works explore the attempt, through highly repetitive pictorial processes, to create homogeneous "fields" of lichen green, always failing and always repeating.