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Xavi Ceerre

(1988, Alcoy)

He has produced artistic projects in spaces such as BilbaoArte, Fabra i Coats, Hangar, Tecla Sala and Espai 13 of the Fundació Miró. His work has been exhibited in cities such as such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and London.

Xavi Ceerre approaches painting from a direct and spontaneous position. He believes that "the medium is the message" and that "there is a lack of soul and an excess of words" in many of the exhibitions he visits. "What interests me about painting is its ability to sneak in through the back door. through the back door. To catch you unawares. You can see something you don't pay attention to, but it's too late. but it's too late, that image now lives in your head. A powerful image can remain dormant for a lifetime, just like a particular song or smell. a particular song or smell.

Chaos and order are two other key concepts when talking about his work. In In many of these works we find a tension between the random and the orderly, similar to when we are under the effects of psilocybin and discover meaning in the natural order of things. sense in the natural order of things. There is an energy implicit in the strokes and the use of colour which is use of colour that is both aggressive and soothing at the same time. This ordered chaos, or chaotic order, takes us back to the city, and ultimately to the universe itself. Finally, childhood appears. A beautiful childhood. Sparkling stimuli that are presented to us unconnected. Basic geometric shapes and saturated colours. Unlearning what we have learned. Traces that refer to the most primitive part of our being and connect us with our ancestors in the caves. Points of view that, although already used in their day by artists such as Picasso, Miró, Dubuffet, Twombly or Basquiat, continue to be fertile ground for creation due to their enormous emotional and artistic power.