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Intermediate geometries 7

Rosa Muñoz




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In this new project, the photographer Rosa Muñoz explores a symbiosis between photography and painting. A visit to semi-abandoned and hidden places that serve as metaphors for artistic sanctuaries. Semi-hidden and difficult to access locations that, like prehistoric caves, with their cave paintings and artistic traces of human presence, preserve in their interior visual creations that now seem contemporary; brimming with plasticity, colour, light, shapes, strokes, textures, symbols, etc.

The images of this project, which is still in development, have been captured in emblematic pavilions of modern architecture in the city of Madrid and, as with the structure of these buildings, they visually suggest to the spectator graphic constructions and formal aspects based on and inspired by geometry. They are images, therefore, born of the visual deconstruction of these buildings, images that acquire a new plastic life with this project.

These geometries move between different media: architecture, photography and painting. They are therefore intermediate geometries.

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