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Arte Digital x ArtFutura x JCDECAUX


110 JCDecaux digital billboards located in the main visual axes of the city will be the living canvases that will showcase the new digital creativity and will reproduce various loops with durations up to one minute. 3D animation, motiongraphics, video clips and works of a mixed nature in the search for new languages.

This year ArtFutura,, the pioneer festival of digital creativity presents videos selected by Montxo Algora, its director and founder. With new images by artists such as Platige Image, Nikita Diakur, Cool 3D World, Maxim Zhestkov, teamLab, Oliver Latta... as well as retrospective images by Moebius, Karl Sims, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Sadamune Takanaka, Yugi Kyoshitsu, Platige Image, Hikaru Yamakawa, Florian Wittmann, Sam Chen, Dvein, Tomer Eshed and others.

JCDecaux in collaboration with Madrid Capital de Moda will provide the use of its screens on which the videos will be inserted, to be shown from the 14th until 28th of february.


About ArtFutura

Since January 1990, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity ArtFutura explores the most important projects and ideas arising in the international panorama of new media, virtual reality, interaction design and digital animation in cities such as Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Ibiza, London, Madrid, Montevideo, Paris, Rome and many others.

For its part, its GaleriaFutura division promotes the most expository aspects of this new digital creativity. Among the projects carried out throughout its trajectory, the exhibition "MáquinasyAlmas" at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, with more than 450,000 visitors, stands out. And, more recently, "Creature Digitali", exhibited in Rome.

Throughout these years ArtFutura has tried to show that, at the beginning of the new millennium, art and science run parallel paths.  Always highlighting the most human aspects of these new technologies. And that creativity finds in digital technology an extraordinary ally.